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Catering Your Special Event is Our Privilege

Quality Matters

From small to large events, our dedicated team is ready to work with you in crafting the perfect menu that is as special as your event. Cooking from scratch, using the best local products and produce, and collaborating with you are a few ways we show you the great lengths to ensure your guests receive first-rate service paired with incredible tastes.

Small Events

Word gets around in small circles, so impress your audience with remarkably delicious food! So you can focus on your event and guests, leave your worries and let our team set the table, cook the food, and serve you with a smile. Learn more by clicking the button below.

Large Events

From groups of 20 to 500+, wow your guests with our creative menu items! Collaborate with us, enjoy a curated sample menu, and we'll craft a perfect meal that everyone will enjoy. We realize your event is special to you, so allow us to make the food special too! Learn more by clicking the button below.

Meal Kits

Imagine - you're having dinner at your place with your closest friends or family. It's been a long time since you've had company, and you're looking to impress. Except you have yet to have time to go shopping, or worse, you can't possibly fathom how you're going to make a meal big enough to feed everyone. Our team has you covered; order one of our meal kits! Prepared from locally sourced ingredients, and easy-to-follow recipes, you'll be prepared and feel like a top chef. Click the button below to learn more.

Our Memorable Menus

catered desserts and snacks
people loading up their plates with food from pendleton catering company
Meeting Packages
philly cheese steak and fries in basket
fresh charcutterie board
Beautiful meal catered by pendleton catering company

Passionate. Professional. Pendleton Catering Company.

The Pendleton Catering Company works with you to create the perfect menu to satisfy your guests. From appetizers to gourmet meals or holiday party catering to wedding catering, our culinary crew is ready to support your successful event with incredible tastes.

owner of pendleton catering company missy fairbank next to pat beard the manager of pendleton convention center
table spread from pendleton catering company with fresh salad and dessert

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