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Our Story


Est. 2018

Since I was young, it's been my dream to cook meals that bring a smile to people's faces. With over 30 years in the hospitality, food, and catering industry, I am living my dream and passion. Please allow me to introduce myself; I'm Missy Fairbank, sole owner and self-taught chef of the Pendleton Catering Company, LLC. 


Established in 2018, the Pendleton Catering Company has been a labor of love with years of passion and dedication. As the exclusive food and beverage provider of the Pendleton Convention Center and through the support of our customers, we've had the privilege of catering to special events of all sizes. 


We are local. We spend our money locally. We love this community at the Pendleton Catering Company, and our commitment to Pendleton is strong. Our team is like family; most of my professional, courteous staff have worked beside me for 15+ years. 


Through extensive training, our catering and customer services skills are top-notch. We make it a point to go above and beyond when catering to our customer's events. Bar none, our experience, cleanliness, food quality, and the presentation of the food we provide ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Missy cooking burgers for catering event
people preparing for a catering event
catered display
Red Drink in the happy cannyon room


Our mission is to provide:

  1. Quality local products and produce.

  2. Menus prepared from scratch with natural ingredients.

  3. Exceptional service that builds long-term relationships with our customers.

Table setup for First Citizens Banquet

The Pendleton Catering Company difference is 'In-House Everything'! We smoke our meats, pulled pork, tri-tip, pork, and beef ribs. Salads are made fresh in-house. Salad dressings, alfredo sauces, tarter sauces, pesto aiolis, bacon aiolis, and cocktail sauces are made in-house.

Since we are in Pendleton, our menu has a Western flair. Our menus fit into different budgets with respect to flavor and quality. In addition, we have several cuisine options, such as Mexican, Italian, and Asian, with vegan and gluten-free options available.

What Makes Us Different?

Catering food heaters
Featured Venues

Featured Venues

Working With the Best

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Sherri S.
“What a great catering company. Great food and service. Thank you so much for serving our Oregon Grand Chapter of Eastern Star. Well done. "
Jennifer H.
"The food that Pendleton Catering Company brings is over the top. We ate their meal tonight at the Pendleton Round-Up Hall of Fame. It was one of the best meals I’ve ever had not only for this event but probably ever at any big event. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Lol. I can’t wait to order for our family for all of our future catering needs. I am so proud of this company, and the genuine hearts that Missy has."
Lisa K.
“Missy did a great job on catering for a Celebration of Life for my mom last Saturday. It was 105 degrees outside and my job was canopies and misters. It was great to leave the food preparations and presentation for her and her coworkers. Thank you again, Missy and Co.”

A Taste Of What We've Done

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